Eucharisztikus szimfónia

Day 6 - Friday, 10 September
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Liszt Academy

Liszt Ferenc tér 8. Budapest 1061 Hungary

Registration: obligatory

P. Armando Pierucci OFM

The symphony draws on the traditional music of the twelve Christian churches living side by side in Jerusalem, with passages usually sung in the Eucharistic liturgy. These inspired the twelve movements of the symphony.

The result is a piece of music that, while having Western characteristics, enters into dialogue with different cultures and eras, including ancient Armenian, Byzantine, Syriac-Aramaic, Ethiopian, Coptic and Chaldean musical traditions. The symphony also incorporates musical modalities that are now only preserved in Eastern traditions. In order to preserve the liturgical authenticity of the original music, the movements begin with a cappella performances of melodies preserved intact in the Eastern churches by twelve singers representing each religion, followed by an orchestra and choir to unfold the theme.

The interplay of the different ecclesiastical traditions gives the symphony not only a very unique musical sound, but also a deep spirituality.

Conductor: András Virágh
Soloists: Zoltán Megyesi – tenor and Kinga Sirákné Kemény - soprano.

Contributing: Budapest Strings, concert master: János Pilz,
artistic director: Károly Botvay Saint Ephraim Choir,
artistic director: Tamás Bubnó Saint Angela Choir,
conductor: Dr Gabriella Semjénné Menus and the representatives of the 12 Christian churches, including guests from the Holy Land

Tickets are available at the Music Academy Ticket Office and at Information:, Director: Franciscan Province of Our Lady of Hungary Donations will be made to the Magnificat Institute of Music of the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land. Tickets are not available at the venue.