The digital world and the faith

29 October 2020
More than 41 thousand people visited Blessed Carlo Acutis’ tomb between 1 and 19 October. The 15 years old boy has been beatified in Assisi.

Carlo had suffered from leukaemia that finally led to his death in 2006 at the age of 15. He offered his sufferings for the Lord, for the Pope, and the Church.
“His witness shows today’s young generation that true happiness can be found by putting God first in our lives and serving Him in our brothers, especially the least” – said Pope Francis on October 11 in St. Peter’s Square, a day after Acutis’ beatification. The young man fits in many aspects into Pope Francis’ pastoral stream, in which the marginalised, the needy, and their merciful, compassionate service figure the prominent role.
Formerly, in 2018 the Pope had already set Acutis as an example for the young people, saying “Christus vivit (Christus lives)” moreover highlighting that though deeply preoccupying into the digital world may risk self- absorption and empty pleasures, by his creativity and brilliant mind, along with his commitment and faith Carlo Acutis had opened the digital world gate towards the transcendent powers.

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Source and photo: Magyar Kurír