Sophia Kuby

Founder of the pro-life and pro-family civil organisation European Dignity Watch
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At almost 18 years old, Sophia experiences a Pauline conversion. God pushes her "off the horse" and shows Himself to her in a supernatural way. Since then, Sophia has been on fire for the faith and Christian worldview. With a B.A. and M.A. in philosophy, she loves to think about and discuss the really important questions in life.

She works for ADF International, a Christian organization engaging in law, legal advocacy and training in the areas of religious freedom and other related freedoms, marriage and family, and the sanctity of life. She heads the Strategic Relations and Training Department and trains Christian young leaders around the world who aspire to positions of impact in law, politics, and other culture-shaping institutions.

Sophia is German and has lived in France, Chile, Australia and Belgium. Today, she lives and works in Vienna.

In 2018, she published her first book in France about longing and lack of fulfillment. It was nominated for the Award of the Best Christian book of France 2019.

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