The Orthodox Russian Patriarchate Choir of Moscow

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A choir on a mission. The Orthodox Russian Patriarchate Choir of Moscow was formed by the singers of the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius monastery, located near the Russian capitol, at the beginning of the 1980s. The founder of the choir, Anatolij Grindenko, along with his theologian-musicologist singers undertook to seek out and show the public the traditional melodies and original soundscape characteristic of the ancient art of Russian ecclesiastic singing. The choir has already been on tours across Europe and the United States of America. They have already performed several times in Hungary, too. In addition to singing pieces from their own repertoire, together with the artists of the Moscow State Academic Choir, they are also going to perform the grandiose choir concerto of Alfred Schnittke as well as some of Rachmaninov’s pieces at the International Eucharistic Congress. Through the works featured in their programme we are allowed a glimpse into the unique world of Orthodox ecclesiastic music. Thanks to its uniquely archaic and clear sounds, the Orthodox Russian Patriarchate Choir of Moscow has gained critical acclaim all over the globe.

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