The Saint Ephraim Male Choir is a multiple award-winning formation – they are the true masters of Byzantine-rite Christian music. The choir is extremely popular both at Hungarian and international festivals, and they regularly provide musical service at Greek Catholic liturgies. In 2006, the choir which was founded by singer and choir director Tamás Bubnó, won the first prize in the category of chamber orchestras at the Hajnówka International Church Music Festival. In 2010, they received the award of one of the most prominent international journals on music. Their mission is to provide an authentic rendition of the musical treasures of the Byzantine-rite Churches of Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe. Apart from Church music, their performances also feature contemporary European works, as well as pieces by Ferenc Liszt, Béla Bartók, Zoltán Kodály and György Ligeti. The male choir has made numerous appearances in Russia, and they have even had a tour in South America.

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