S.E.R. Massimo Camisasca

Bishop of the Diocese of Reggio Emilia-Guastalla
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Massimo Camisasca was born in 1946, in Milan. He attended the Berchet Classical High School in Milan, where one of his teachers, Luigi Giussani – a theologian and a Catholic priest – who left a profound, life-long impression on him. This was the time when he joined the Catholic spiritual movement, Communione e Liberazione. Later on he became the leader of the movement. After his high school studies, he attended the Pontifical Lateran University, where he became founder of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Charles Borromeo in 1985. Since 2012, Massimo Camisasca has been serving as Bishop of the Diocese of Reggio Emilia. He is the author of 50 books, and he is also widely known for his affinity for art, and his excellent educational and tireless priestly service.

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