S.E.R. Joseph-Marie Ndi-Okalla

Bishop of Mbalmayo
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Bishop Joseph-Marie Ndi-Okalla is coming to Budapest from Cameroon. He studied both in his home country and Paris. He was ordained a priest in 1983 and was appointed as Bishop of Mbalmayo in 2016. He obtained his doctoral degree in dogmatic theology at the University of Bonn. He is the author of several books and articles. Cameroon is a country that is extremely rich in mineral resources – gold and diamond – however, more than 40 percent of its population lives in extreme poverty. Apart from living in destitution, people are suffering from violence, bloody conflicts and the skirmishes of extremist religious groups. Facilitating interreligious dialogue and social peace are causes that are very close to Joseph-Marie Ndi-Okalla’s heart.

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