Justo Antonio Lofeudo

One of the Founders of the Missionaries of the Most Holy Eucharist
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Justo Antonio Lofeudo was one of those people who never practiced their religion, even though they had been baptised. He built a successful career as a chemical engineer, he worked at multinational companies, and he got to travel the world. He was thirty when he realised that he no longer wanted to chase material wealth. He moved to Italy. On time, as he was looking at the Shroud of Turin, he was received a divine call to go to Medjugorje. The journey transformed his life completely. And he chose to become a priest. He studied philosophy and theology from the Dominicans. After his ordination, Lofeudo was almost immediately invited for perpetual adoration. Thanks to the mission of the Eucharist, there are now approximately 3000 perpetual adoration chapels across the globe. When 3 years ago father Lofeudo paid another visit to Hungary, in his homily held at St. Gellert Church he said the following: „Perpetual adoration is a gift from God to the modern world. In the chapel, God shapes us into better people without any noise”.

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