S.E.R. Michael Fitzgerald

Cardinal, Former Archbishop of Nefta, Tunisia
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Michael Fitzgerald was born in the United Kingdom into a family with Irish roots, so he learned about openness and the ability to start a dialogue between the various religions already at a very young age. He joined the Missionaries of Africa at the age of twelve. After his ordination, he went on to study theology in the Netherlands and later in Tunisia, where he learned Arabic. His extensive experience gained in Africa – In Uganda, Sudan, and Tunisia – made him one of the leading experts on Islam and the Qur’an. He also worked as the Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue; later he was elected as President of the Council. In 1992 he was ordained a bishop, then in 2002 he became the Archbishop of Nefta, Tunisia. Since his retirement, he has been serving in Liverpool. Michael Fitzgerald was created a cardinal by Pope Francis. Last year he celebrated a mass of thanksgiving in the Mindszenty Hall of Saint Stephen House in London, where he prayed for the beatification of the late Hungarian cardinal. Fitzgerald believes that “the Church is always looking outwards. Jesus created the Church as a testament to God’s love for all the people in the world.”

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