Mary Healy

Biblical Theologian, One of the First Female Members of the Pontifical Biblical Commission
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Mary Healy, who is a theologian and an associate professor, is also the biblicist of the Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit. In 2014, he was appointed as one of the first three women ever to sit on the Pontifical Biblical Commission. “This group consists of 20 scholars, who convene once every year in Rome. We always discuss topics related to the operation of the Church and we try to reconcile these issues with the teachings of the Bible” – said Mary Healy about her responsibilities on the Commission. She believes that women need to have even stronger voice in theology, biblical studies and generally in the Church too. “Us women tend to think differently of the Bible from men. We complement each other. I think of those parts of the Holy Scriptures, which deal with marriage, family and children. But these are not the only topics we think differently about – it is true for both the Bible and theology as a whole. Women are more intuitive and many times they can point out connections that remain hidden before the eyes of men.”

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