St. Stephen’s Fair

Day 6 - Friday, 10 September
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St. Stephen's square

Szent István tér Budapest 1051 Hungary

Registration: not necessary
Wheelchair accessible

The traditional “St. Stephen’s Book Week” is to be held in front of St. Stephen’s Basilica all along the week of the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress. Additionally, many dioceses and sacral exhibitors will present their activity and art works. On this iconic square of Budapest, Hungaricums (outstanding national values) will also be put on show. All in all, a colourful, varied and rich picture is going to outline our ecclesiastical and national values. A mix of wooden fair stalls and an open-air stage will serve to host the exhibitors’ performances, as well as the programs of the Ars Sacra Festival.

The bus of the Pauline monastic order, just next to the Basilica, comes to familiarise us with the history of the order, quite in an unusual form, through a multilingual interactive exhibition.

Visitors may taste the delicious dishes and wines of the Prímás Pince, Restaurant and Wine Cellar complex of Esztergom.

For further details on the Ars Sacra Festival stage programs please consult their website:

Fair exhibitors:

  • Cistercian Abbey, Kismaros
  • Benedictines from Bakonybél
  • Alpha Foundation
  • Pannonhalma Archabbey
  • Cistercian Abbey, Zirc
  • Don Bosco Salesian Community
  • Sacra Famiglia Kft. – Manufacturer of religious articles
  • Bea Barkos, Cloisonné artist
  • Hungarian Orthodox Exarchate of the Universal Patriarchate of Constantinople
  • Diocese of Vác
  • Diocese of Kaposvár
  • Diocese of Kalocsa
  • Archdiocese of Esztergom-Budapest, Tourist Office
  • Monastic Offices
    - Community of the Beatitudes
    - Pauline Sisters
    - Little Brothers of Jesus
    - Discalced Carmelite Sisters

- School Sisters of Notre Dame
- Parish Society of Sisters (Societas Sororum Paroecialium)

St. Stephen’s Book Week

Simultaneously with the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress, as part of events of the St. Stephen’s Square of September 4-12, the largest and the most prominent meeting of the Hungarian Christian publishers will be held.

Participating publishers:

  • Agapé, Franciscan Publisher – Szeged
  • Augustinus Ecclesiastical second-had book shop
  • Don Bosco Publisher
  • Ecclesia Association
  • Etalon Film
  • Harmat Publisher
  • JEL Publisher
  • Jesuit Publisher
  • Kairosz Publisher
  • Kálvin Publisher
  • Képmás magazine
  • Kérügma Publisher
  • Korda Publisher
  • Lazi Publisher
  • L'Harmattan
  • Luther Publisher
  • Hungarian Bible Society
  • Magyar Kurír - Új Ember Publishers
  • Magyar Napló Publisher
  • Hungarian Schönstatt Movement
  • Marana Tha Publisher
  • Pannonhalma Archabbey Benedictine Publisher
  • Parakletos Bookstore
  • Sapientia College of Theology and Religious Orders
  • Szent Gellért Ecclestiastical Publisher
  • Szent Gellért Publisher and Printing House
  • Szent István Association
  • Új Város Foundation – Focolare movement
  • Verbum Publisher – Cluj-Napoca, Romania
  • Vigilia Publisher


Catholic communities around the world focus on Hungary this week, ensuring an extraordinary opportunity to promote the Hungaricums as well. Currently 79 values are recognised and listed in the Collection of Hungaricums. According to the definition, Hungaricum refers to a collective term indicating outstanding Hungarian values having a typical Hungarian attribute, uniqueness, speciality and quality. The list includes: Hungarian agriculture and food industry products (e.g. Hungarian acacia honey, ground paprika from Kalocsa, spritzer, soda-water, red onions from Makó, Grape Marc pálinka), health and lifestyle products (Béres drops, Hévíz Lake), values of our built environment, industrial and technical solutions, cultural heritage, sport and typical Hungarian dishes.

  • Ministry of Agriculture - Hungaricum Committee
  • Hévíz lake and traditional Hévíz medicine
  • Halas lace
  • Kalocsa Folk Art
  • “Mohácsi busójárás “ – a masked end-of-winter tradition
  • Sausage and Double Sausage from Gyula
  • Matyó folk art – embroidery culture of a traditional community
  • Tokaj historical wine region culture and the aszú wine
  • Food products from fattened goose
  • Hungaricums, national values and local products
  • Pálinka and Grape Marc pálinka
  • Hungarian acacia honey

Fair attendees can also meet Hungarian hussars wearing costumes of the period.

The ancient art of falconry, as a living human heritage, will be demonstrated by professional falconers. At the falconry show one can witness the falconers’ demos, holding their own hawks on their arms, and even photos can be taken with them.

Practical information:

An IEC Registration point is to be operated on St. Stephen’s square throughout the week, enabling Congress participants to take over their event wristbands. Our volunteers await you there to provide information on issues related to the IEC.

Registration point opening hours: daily, 7:00 – 21:00, between 1 and 12 September.


To reach St. Stephen’s square we strongly advise to use either the public transport, or take a walk. Parking facilities are limited in the area and are mostly pay parking ones. Deák square is just a short walk away from the St. Stephen’s square Fair location.

Metro line: M1, M2, M3
Public bus: 9, 15, 105, 115, 178
Trolley bus: 72M, 73M

The fair is open to everyone, neither attendance fee, nor registration is required. Please note that program and location are variable, and are subject to change.

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