The hospital became his „new Parish”

17 March 2020
From now on Father Stevenazzi is on duty even as a doctor of the intensive care unit.

Father Fabio said: „I was likely about to get rusty, on the other hand was conscious of being able to do something. Probably by this step I encourage others as well to move forward likewise, even if they are afraid a bit to do so.”

He has been assigned to the intensive care unit of the Busto Arsizio hospital, which has been serving as one of the anti-epidemic centre of COVID-19 in Italy.

Fabio Stevenazzi was ordained a priest in 2014 at the age of 42. Previously he was working as a doctor, his career path covered a decade-long internal medicine practice at the emergency unit of the hospital in Legnano.

He has never stepped away from his medical profession, summer time he is curing children in Africa, along with the Cuamm humanitarian organisation of Padova. Last time he worked in Ethiopia and in Tanzania.

During his hospital mission, as from 16 March he is going to live fully separated in a special designated part of the Parish. He is going to celebrate the Holy Mass all alone, a paradox situation it is in these traumatic days, “since loving our neighbours is equal to keeping distance from them” – as the Father was cited by Magyar Kurír.


Source: Magyar Kurír