„Everything will be fine”

18 April 2020

Tom Moore, the 99 years old British war veteran intended to complete 100 walk laps in his garden, before he reaches his 100th birthday. His aim was to raise the modest amount of 1,000 UK Pounds (eqv. to 400,000 Hungarian forints) for the benefit of healthcare workers. Well, he had perfectly completed the 100 laps, however, had miscalculated himself a bit. So many people became inspired by this initiative that by the time he had reached the finish line, the donations had not just reached the targeted 1,000 UK Pounds, but had risen up to –no clerical error!- 15 million UK Pounds. Thanks to Tom Moore’s strange fundraising action, close to 800,000 people have donated to the British National Health Service (NHS).

„I would have never dreamed of being part of such an event” – he said right before the last lap.

Amongst the donators we can find (undisclosed) Prince of Cambridge, who has also sent a mail to the 2nd World War veteran.

Captain Tom has started this fundraising action to thank for the healthcare staff, who helped him with treatment for his cancer and broken hip. As to the NHS President, a roughly 150 charity organisations will be able to benefit from this amount.

More than 300,000 people have signed the application for the Order of the Knights to Capt. Tom Moore.

„It would be wonderful and a great honour to receive such an award, though I do not expect anything like that” – commented the Captain.

As to the coronavirus, so he encouraged the people:

„We all should remember, that finally we are going to overcome it, and everything will be fine. To all those people who are facing difficult days at the moment: The sun will shine on you again, and the clouds will go away.”

- said the veteran

Source: National Sport Online/Facebook, BBC News

Photo Source: National Sport Online/Facebook