In emergency situation there is no discrimination

10 June 2020
One of the guest speakers of the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress, Cardinal of Baghdad on the Iraqi situation in the time of coronavirus.

As to Louis Raphaël Sako, Cardinal of Baghdad and the Catholic Patriarch of Babylon of the Chaldeans, the coronavirus emergency has re-launched the “human and social solidarity” in the fight for our “common home”. Christians showed solidary and lent a helping hand to the Muslims, all these without the slightest distinction of religion. The Head of the Chaldean Catholic Church sent his best wishes to the Muslims for the beginning of the Ramadan.

During the coronavirus emergency period, even in Iraq, “there have been a huge help and solidarity between Christians and Muslims”. We could have experienced “such a human and social proximity” that “has been materialized in many ways” – said Luis Raphaël Sako to the Asia News.

“In an emergency situation, when one is seeking for help, there is no discrimination. In the very same neighbourhood the richer ones distribute food bags amongst the needy” – said the Catholic Patriarch in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Supporting each other has advanced a return to the religion, or rather to the faith. There is a need for God, for the supernatural help, for the reasoning on the meaning of life and that of the world. This allows a return to the spiritual values.”

Although the Baghdad government has loosened some of the coronavirus pandemic restrictions, there is still a widespread fear amongst people, they still avoid personal contacts, or going out. As to Cardinal Sako many “upon a basic instinct stay at home, and keep contacts via internet and mobile phone. They mainly read news, follow liturgies, like the mass that we celebrate every evening and transmit on the Chaldean Patriarchate’s Facebook-page.” Thousands of families join and follow the service.

”Homes have been formed into real churches, the spirituality and the relationship within the Chaldean diaspora have been strengthened.”

The internet and the social networks enabled the communities to keep alive their contacts across the whole country. “On the occasion of Easter, we have received many letters and good wishes messages, amongst others some from Muslim religious leaders and political authorities, including the Iraqi president and the new Prime Minister. Amongst the many greetings I was highly astonished by one particularly: the greeting of a Muslim religious authority referred to the term »feast of resurrection«, while their message said: »Christ is truly arisen«. I was extremely impressed.”
The coronavirus emergency situation “changes the reality: we have to look for a new order, we have to strengthen solidarity while respecting life. We have to take care of our environment, have to fight against air pollution and have to take care of our common home” – continues the Chaldean Patriarch.
“I’m convinced - he added- that in the future there won’t be wars between the various religions and civilisations, but rather would be conflicts of economic nature.” For this reason we need “a greater social justice, an equality between nations and to patronise the poor and the needy. The 2000s US and the world order that of is over by now.”
Finally the Cardinal spoke to the Muslim faithful for the beginning of the Ramadan, the holy month of fasting:” Religion has a message, it comes from God and the centre is the human, who has to live in respect and dignity. Enough of violence, and no more of the sectarian clashes. A society worthy of all the citizens has to be built. This is the time of love and mercy, not of violence. Christians, Jews, Muslims…the religious message is not only for a specific group, but is for everyone instead. Every man should live his own and sound spirituality with God.

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