God’s pizzeria

10 September 2021
Moyses Azevedo has arrived from Brasilia. He is the founder of the Shalom Catholic Community and in his testimony, delivered on IEC, he spoke about his efforts for the evangelization of the youth.

In 1980, the Brazilian Moyses Azevedo was entrusted by his Archbishop to hand over a gift on behalf of the youth of the city to Saint Pope John Paul II at the National Eucharistic Congress held in their city.

But what a 20 years old young man can offer as a gift worthy to the Holy Father? – asked himself Moyses Azevedo. Finally he decided to devote his life and youth in response to God’s call, “to carry out the evangelization in a courageous and creative manner.” In his testimony he recalled: when he devoted his life at the foot of Saint Peter’s successor, in front of the Eucharistic Altar, that was the birth of the Catholic Shalom Community.

Later on he set up an evangelization centre – he explained at the IEC event –, which in fact was a pizzeria, dedicated to the service of the evangelization activity. The place has developed into a real missionary place “in the spirit of joy, creativity and straightforwardness.” – as Azevedo worded.

“By living alike, we experienced the Divine mercy being a healing balm even to our deepest wounds. The community life includes a mission as well, in case we are in need of sharing the received grace. The youth of the community then invited their parents and friends, thereby developing the Catholic Shalom Community” – added Azevedo. He also mentioned that “the preaching, the adoration, the Eucharistic celebration, as well as the brotherhood and missionary community has become the source of radiation of the incarnated Gospel” in the community.

Each and every of the generations are in need to be evangelized – he pointed out. Citing Pope Francis he said: the youth denotes the present of the Church.

“Whenever we receive the Holy Sacrament, we become part of the resurrected Lord’s body in this world, so that the ‘Thomases’ of our times by hearing our words, by meeting our looks and by experiencing our life entirely filled with the Eucharist, might understand Lord’s ‘open side’ and undergo the meeting with the risen Christ, who died for us on the Cross” – worded his testimony Moyses Azevedo.