You call me by my name – A Festivity at Forráspont

04 December 2019

The 5000 young people, who attended the event, Forráspont – Another Day with Jesus organised by the Secretariat of the International Eucharistic Congress in the BOK-Stadium on 21st September were part of a joyful festivity.

The spectacular program, with concert elements gave a special experience to the young people, who got encouragement to confess their faith in the adoration, music, teachings and testimonies.

Sister Cristina, the winner of the Italian version of The Voice, underlined with her captivating performance that Christians are joyful people, because their joy is nourished by the inexhaustible love of God. The sister called the religious leaders, parents and teachers to trust in the young, because then they will shine like the stars in the sky.

The adoration was followed by the incredible act of the stand-up comedian András Péter Kovács. He told us that the difference between the Old Testament and the New is that in the latter we can call God by his name. “We got a residential God, who can be called and he also calls us by our names. Yea, sure, it is not always when you expect it, it might be when you slap your kid, and not when you are serving by the altar as a chief altar boy…” – added the humourist.

The aerobic trainer, Eszter Pulay said that an “adoring training practice” is another way for the young to turn toward God. Eszter has aerobic trainings where adoration music is played, and there is also an opportunity to read the Scriptures and conversation. On her webpage she also shares her thoughts about God.

Gergő Dánielffy shared the deepest life-experiences of his soul sometimes as a conversation, sometimes singing. The performer known from the Dal and the Hungarian X-Faktor showed his feelings, and honest side, with huge success.

The moral theologian, Miklós Papp spoke about God’s personalized love, emphasising the importance of joining the Eucharist and lifestyle.

In the closing mass of the event, His Excellency, Gábor Mohos, director of the organising secretariate of the International Eucharistic Congress underlined that God calls us by our names even today, keeps count of us, knows the smallest movements of our souls, so we can fully trust Him.

The Forráspont concluded with a personal encounter with Jesus, with an intimate adoration, during which the monstrance – created for of the International Eucharistic Congress and to be used during the major events of the Congress – was shown in the public for the first time.

To view the Forráspont CLICK HERE!!

Photos: Marcsi Ambrus, Tamás Thaler

IEC Secretariat