“He is the Lord and King of the Universe” - worldwide adoration

22 October 2021
Worldwide Adoration chain on the vigil of the Feast of Christ the King

Once again we gather before the Eucharist on the vigil of the feast of Christ the King. All around the world, we give thanks for the graces of the International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest and we take new momentum to experience once again the joy of the encounter with Jesus Christ.

With these words, the organisers encourage us to get involved:

Although the Eucharistic Congress has ended, Jesus, as promised, remains among us. He is the Lord and King of the Universe. So, giving thanks for the blessings of the Congress it is Him whom we worship in the Blessed Sacrament, and it is also Him to whom we pray in the silence of our home.

Let us do this again for the ninth time together in an hour of Eucharistic adoration or praying at home on the 20th of November 2021, the vigil of the Feast of Christ the King in thousands of places in the world. Join us at corpusdomini.iec2020.hu!

During the last Worldwide Adoration chain communities of the host cities of the two previous International Eucharistic Congresses – Cebu City and Dublin - have also joined in and we had many participants from Poland, Belgium and France. Also Hungarians from beyond the current Hungarian borders were particularly active, with many participants joining from Transylvania, Vojvodina and Upper Hungary.

- Find a location on the above map where an adoration has already been organised and join them on 20th of November. You can indicate your intention to participate on our website or you can also join from home!

- If you find no adoration in your neighbourhood, feel free to organise one in your local church, in a school or hospital chapel, or in a monastic community, in cooperation with the local priest, church director or monastic leader. With regard to the current epidemic situation, you may also join from home with your personal prayer, or by praying Rosary, reading the Bible, etc.

- You can pray before the Eucharist on display in silent meditation, in a traditional way, singing, praising, with children, families, young and/or elderly people. You can involve musicians, prayer groups, Rosary Associations, communities, schools – actually anyone who is eager to spend an hour together with the Lord of the Universe.

Let this Worldwide Adoration be a thanksgiving for the graces of the International Eucharistic Congress in Budapest, a new momentum, where we can relive God's renewing love!

Secretariat of IEC2020