Fifty-two share their innermost most treasured secrets with the world. 52 witnesses stood in front of the camera to confess for the series God and Me made for the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress about their seeking ways, slip-ups, failures, new beginnings, their relationship with God.

They recall thoughts, hidden events of their lives, which they may not have told even to their families. There is one thing in common in the often at times shocking stories: God. Ten parts have been broadcasted so far, in which people of widely different age, profession and state of life talk about their faith. The directors have consciously chosen such people, who are ordinary in the best sense of the word, not celebs or stars.

“Primarily we talked to people in these short films, whose path to God, becoming a believer is exemplary and can start similar progresses in others, "said Tünde Zsuffa about God and me. The press agent and communications director of the IEC shared many other secrets in the conversation about the series, which are available here.

In the episodes so far, a special Olympic competitor spoke about how she ended up in a wheelchair because of a suicide attempt that went wrong. She jumped from the top of a building. In her testimony she recalled that these events lead her to the realisation that God did not tell her: “get up and walk”, but “wake up and live”. The athlete spoke about the many difficulties she had to live through, but now she is a happy mother and wife.

“God is nowhere as near as in prison” – said another witness in the series, who ended up behind bars due to economic crimes. He was able to face his mistakes, and that in the former part of his life only the pursuit of money and pleasures existed.

A young ice-skater, who grew up without a father talked to the camera about why he likes to pray and his conviction: if he puts enough will and faith into his work, then anything is possible.

It is a shaking fight. which a man, who was a drug addict and homeless fifteen years ago, has fought to be a happy father and work as a helper to those, who – like him back in the day – need support and direction.

In the darkest days of the Communist rule the Carmelite nun, who – despite all the deadly threats – refused to testify against her fellows, spent three years in prison. Her testimony about suffering, feeling uncertain, how Hungary became her prison is shocking.

Besides them an ambulance doctor, who faces death every day; a scientist, a therapist and an ultra-marathon runner also share their thoughts about God. After the success of the first ten episodes, the other 42 will soon follow. The conversations with the witnesses are also available in English and Italian on the YouTube-channel of the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress.