In eternal worship we get Easter peace

08 September 2021
The importance of eternal worship, the constant devotion before the Eucharist, was emphasized by Justo Antonio Lofeudo, the founder of the Sacred Eucharist Missionary Community.

During what is commonly called “normality” in common language, most people lived as if God did not even exist, their faith steadily weakened, and apostasy was only a symptom of that period, pointed out Justo Antonio Lofeudo, founder of the Sacred Eucharist Missionary Community on Wednesday's faculty of the Congress. The main organizer of the worldwide movement of eternal worship added that for the first time St. II. Pope John Paul proclaimed the evangelization of Catholics, and then Pope Benedict the 16th proclaimed re-evangelization “in regions where evangelism has not yet taken place, and also in regions where, despite deep-seated Christian roots, people have experienced a serious crisis of faith due to secularization”. Their purpose was to renew their relationship with Jesus Christ and the Church.

Father Lofeudo noted that the situation had only worsened because of the restrictions due to the coronavirus, many churches were still closed, and where the reopening had already taken place, very few believers attend the ceremonies, less than the capacity limit set by the authorities would allow. He stressed that Internet-mediated Mass or worship is not a solution, this decline can only be stopped by putting God at the center of our communities. As he said, the practice of sacramental worship must be introduced and localized in every parish, it is vital for the survival and for the confirmation of the faith. And wherever possible, sacramental worship should be continuous, without any interruption.

The father-monk sharing his experience reported that when the Lord is worshiped without interruption, the Church is able to renew, and in this case there is a fundamental change not only in the lives of parishes but also in the lives of families and individuals. According to Father Lofeudo, it is important to grow the number of parishes where pastoral care is rooted in and nourished by the constant celebration and worship of the Eucharist, because in this way we can fight the lack of devotion of the Eucharist and restore its old light. It is necessary to draw the attention of believers to the true presence of Christ in the Sacrament of the Altar and to remind them that it is worthy to glorify Him. Even if “worshiping the Sacrament of the Altar is sometimes a tedious task or we do not clearly see its fruit,” Father Lofeudo stated emphasizing, “the Lord deserves praise for himself, for He is our Creator, Savior, and Savior, and he loves us with eternal love”.


Based on his experience, the leader of the eternal worship movement reported that the greatest grace that anyone, especially as a believer, can experience when entering the eternal worship chapels is peace, “the peace of Easter”. A believer told him that while he was leaving, he asked an acquaintance who did not go to church to replace him for an hour a week. Returning, the acquaintance told him he would like to sign up for an hour a week because the peace that reigns in the chapel is unattainable. Another personal experience was a psychologist’s account of a unique therapeutic effect attributed to the worship of the Sacrament of the Altar: a patient with major depression recovered so much that he eventually signed up for night worship at a perpetual worship chapel in Buenos Aires.

“He who succeeds in making peace will eventually become a bearer of peace, and the Lord will make him so. And peace reaches not only the person who has received this grace, but also through him to his family, his environment and others”, Father Lofeudo emphasized. But he also pointed out that these chapels of eternal worship are not only centers of peace but also of outpourings of other graces.

Through eternal worship, our relationship with Jesus is further strengthened and we also contribute to evangelization, the leader of the movement pointed out.

Father Lofeudo remarked about the mission of eternal worship, that it must stand on two pillars. It is necessary to open the eyes of the people to the true presence of the Lord in the Sacrament of the Altar, and to organize constant service so that there should always be at least one worshiper before the Lord. Those who commit themselves to one hour of worship per week become part of an unbroken chain of love and faith woven around Christ in the Eucharist, in which they pay tribute, gratitude, and recognition for the Lord's Divine greatness and eternal love for us- finished Father Justo Antonio Lofeudo his words.

Photo: Tamás Thaler